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Hi hi!  It’s Maruko!  WOW!  It’s been over a month??  I’m sorry, it’s been so busy and we haven’t really gone to many places cuz right now is poor time.  BUT!  I have a friend named Pickles who has gone to a love hotel and wants to share the experience with you.  So, without further ado, here’s Pickles’ review!  Please enjoy!

♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥

Hi, my name is Pickles, and like my good buddy Maruko, I enjoy spending the night at a love hotel with that special someone.  Maruko asked me to give a review of one I stayed at recently, and of course I was happy to oblige.

Sometimes when you are out with a special someone, everything adds up to create the perfect atmosphere where you realize that boning needs to commence.  One of these moments came upon two of my friends one night, and being Hiroshima locals, decided to partake in the seedy side of Hiroshima night life and stay the night at Angers, one of the love hotels in the infamous Hijiyama district near Hiroshima station.

There really was no rhyme or reason why this particular love hotel was chosen – it’s on a strip with a bunch of other love hotels, none with any distinguishable features.  We checked in at around 10pm.  We went up a winding staircase to the tiny lobby.  There was a lit-up board on the wall showing what rooms were available and what was contained in them.  The chirpy receptionist was well hidden behind a barrier so as not to see the horny loons about to check in.  We paid, and went up another winding staircase to our room.

Both the hotel itself and the room were very clean and well kept – no suspicious stains or cigarette burns on the furniture.  There was a big bed right in the middle, a big flat screen TV on one side and a slot machine game on the other.

Other basis amenities expected in a hotel – a small refrigerator, a hot water dispenser, and dishes needed for tea – were also included.  This hotel had a decent selection of food and drinks that could be ordered, but my friends were there for one thing and one thing only, so they did not partake in their fine (but overly pricey) cuisine.  We could also order toys and other things to enhance the experience, but my friends didn’t partake in those options, either.

The room was quiet, and although we could the smallest rumblings of other guests, there was nothing too egregious – just the slightest bumps and creaks from people walking above.

The bathroom was nice, clean, and big, and although no shared bathing took place, I do think it would possible and easy to achieve such an act.

The staff was very friendly, always saying hello, good evening, and good morning to us when we walked in the hallways.

Overall, this love hotel was fairly basic and didn’t have too many frills, but if you are looking for a nice, clean, quiet place to play patty cake in, Angers fits the bill well.  Next time you have a pretty man or a pretty lady on your arm and need a place to do the dirty, Angers is a good place to stop off for the night!

♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥

Well, there you have it!  Thank you, Pickles, for your kind review!!  Angers sounds like a strange name for a love hotel, but, different strokes for different folks, yes??  Next time won’t be so long off!  I got to go to Osaka this past weekend, so I have an interesting hotel to tell you all about next time!  In the mean time, please check out Caroline Josephine  and Glass of Win!  Caroline Josephine is a very interesting blogger who lives in Tokyo and Glass of Win is another awesome blogger, but she lives in Southern California!  Also, I’m going to guest blog for Glass of Win, so you can catch me there before my next blog here!

Until next time, oyasumi!


Hi hi!!  It’s ○子!

Sorry it’s been a while.  I haven’t been in a good mood lately and I always want to write when I’m chipper!

This time, I’m reviewing a hotel in the city of Miyoshi, Hiroshima Prefecture, called Shiroi Mystina.  The reviews on some love hotel websites gave it pretty good marks, so I went in with high expectations.  Now, don’t let the outside fool you!  It looks rather shady from the outside, huh?  I didn’t take a picture of it, but the place where you park your car looks like a trailer park at Christmas.  But, don’t judge a book by its cover, right?

  Now, how’s this for indoor decor?  It was really cute inside!!!  Cute signs about everything and cute mirror and floral decorations.  Even the lamp and telephone were old fashioned and classy.  Seriously, I felt like this was the love hotel for a lolita or something.  In fact, I really wish that they made lolita dresses for otters.  Don’t you think I would just fit in with a frilly frilly lace dress?  Maybe some Mary Janes and a bonnet?  …Well, even otters can dream, can’t we?

Cute table and chairs, too!

No part of this hotel went without some thought as to how to make it cute.  I was pretty worried that we were going into a trashy, shady place as we went into the parking lot, but I’m really glad that the inside totally changed that perspective.  The table made me feel like we were at the hotel for a tea party or something.  If you didn’t see the various interesting extras in the room, you probably would have thought you were in a bed and breakfast rather than at a love hotel.

Even the condoms were cute!

And I totally mean it when I say that everything was cute.  Even the condoms had little kitties on them.   Seriously, kitties!  I first thought that was kind of strange since, you know, it is something for adults, but then I remembered that there is no age limit on cute!!  I usually don’t post the pictures of the condoms, but I had to this time!  Just look at them!

The hotel also had a variety of teas (Papa didn’t really like the melon one) and some snacks (like cheese crackers!) so that was nice.  There was also free breakfast of soup and rice balls.  Another plus was that, like at Sanyo, you had a a fridge for the vending as well as a fridge for yourself!  A microwave as well.

The hotel had your typical things such as karaoke and dirty channels.  It also had cosplay you could order.  So, if you wanted to pretend you were a nurse or a student or something, they had that on order!  It’s a costume party in the hotel!  No otter costumes, however.  Tooooo bad.  But, they had Papa’s slot machine there, so he had fun playing that.  A nice little surprise was that, by the bed, there was a phone charger that was compatible with many phones.  Mama’s smart phone was able to charge on it, so she was happy.

About the only thing that didn’t seem great was the bathroom and the general size of the room.  There wasn’t a lot of room to move around and the bathroom was a cramped corridor that was difficult to maneuver with two people.  The showering area was also kinda small.  I think Hotel Sanyo spoiled us.  The bathtub was okay, but nothing really special.  Mama says she prefers ones where two people can sit in them cuz she wants to take a bath with Papa.  We haven’t seen many of those, though.  The sink at least had a place to plug in stuff, but the hair dryer was crap.  You could rent a better one if you wanted to, but we decided not to.  In the bathroom, there was a nice sign letting the girls know that if they happened to get their period and needed more supplies that the staff was nice and they shouldn’t hesitate to ask.  I thought that was nice.  But next to it was a sign about not flushing things that aren’t toilet paper down the drain.  The sign showed sunglasses and shoes and such.  Those aren’t usually things that I would think of to flush down a toilet!

Overall, it was a pretty nice place to stay and I think Mama and Papa agree.  If we’re in the area again, we’ll probably stop by unless there’s another hotel we want to review.  We would definitely recommend it to someone unless they want lots of room to run around in.

Wrap up!!

Good –  The decor!  I was really impressed by it.  I know many hotels have themed rooms and such, but I just loved how cute the whole thing was.  It was very detailed and not just stuck together without a thought.  The place was also clean and everything was in order.   The fact that they had phone chargers and an extra fridge was also quite nice.  Free breakfast doesn’t hurt, either!

Bad – Definitely gonna have to say the size and the bathroom.  As I said before, it’s pretty hard to maneuver two people in the corridor that poses as a bathroom.  Also, it was difficult for Papa to find a window to smoke out of because it was hard to tell where the main window was.  He ended up smoking in the bathroom!  I guess this part couldn’t be helped, but it did make it a little uncomfortable if more than one person needed to use that part of the room.

Price – Sunday through Thursday and holidays are from 6PM to 1PM the next day for 7500 yen (6500 if you’re a member).  Fridays are from 6PM to 10AM the next day for the same price.  Saturdays and the days before a holiday are from 6PM to 10AM the next day for 8500 yen (7500 if you’re a member).  If you stay later on a weekday, it’s 200 yen more per 10 minutes, 300 yen more on other days.  So, the price is a little higher than I think it should be, but still not too bad I suppose.

Location and Other Information-
Address:広島県三次市粟屋町1995 (1995 Awaya Machi, Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture)
Phone number: 0824-63-7187
Website: http://happyhotel.jp/detail/detail_top.jsp?id=780218

Well, that’s all for this time!  I hope it won’t  be so long before the next one, but it all depends on Mama and Papa.  If you have been to a love hotel and would like to guest blog, please let me know!  My email is raburabumaruko@gmail.com !

Okay, TTFN!  Oyasumi~~~~

Hi hi!!  It’s ○子!

We picked 207!

We picked 207!

Today I want to talk about Hotel Sanyo in Mihara!  This is a pretty swanky hotel, in my opinion.  Even though the building appears to be a little old, it’s well-kept and full of fun!  First of all, you get to choose what room you want from the board.  Some rooms appear to have a little extra cost for different things, but mostly they seem to be all the same price.  There’s rooms with their own saunas and there’s a couple that have this, erm, interesting looking two-person chair in it.  Like a see-saw on crack or something.  My innocent eyes couldn’t comprehend it.  Anyway, you choose the room you want, take the key card, and follow the lights to your room.  Use the key card in the room to activate the electricity.



It even has a water cooler!!

A water cooler!!








Now, one of the things that was a little annoying about other places was that the only fridge they had was for the hotel goods only.  If you had your own stuff that you bought, then you had no way to keep it cool.  That really sucked.  But the Hotel Sanyo had not only their vending fridge, but also a completely empty fridge for us to use!  It had a fridge part and a small freezer part.  Very convenient!  And, in addition, it had it’s own hot and cold water cooler!  SWEET!!!


And a slot machine!

And a slot machine!

In the Sanyo fridge~

In the Sanyo fridge~

lotions and toys and stuff :O

lotions and toys and stuff :O


They had a vending machine by the bed with toys and lotion and boxes with girls in skimpy outfits.  They were all pretty expensive for a vending machine!  Mama said I shouldn’t play with it.  And also in the room was a slot machine!  Papa loves to play them and he got enough coins to get a prize (of two towels).  Combined with the TV, this room had a lot going on for people who wanted to stay!




For food, the Sanyo had many things to choose from.  If you’re a member of their visitor club, you can get some free stuff as well!  The sweets really caught my eye.  They had ice pops and cakes that you could buy.  They were good, but not as sweet as I had hoped.  If you’re a member of the hotel, then you can get breakfast for free.  The breakfast is simple, however, so I don’t know how filling it would be for most people.  It’s a couple pieces of toast, a boiled egg, and a drink.  Mama wasn’t too interested in it, but Papa wanted to try.  Unfortunately, by the time he decided, breakfast service time was already over.  Maybe next time, Papa!!  They had all sorts of food choices with decent prices, so I’m pretty sure that we’ll have a better review of food should we come back again (which I’m quite sure we will!)


I can draw!!!

I can draw!!!

The color is funky, but it's a good size!!

The color is funky, but it's a good size!!

Well maintained!

Well maintained!


The hotel also had a guestbook in the room where you could write in your impressions and messages to the staff.  I forgot to write my message!!!!  I want to come back just so I can write my message haha.  The bathroom was nice as well.  The sink was completely functional and there was a nice bubbling bath in the bathroom.  But, watch out!  The window is visible from the sea, so unless you wanna give the sailors something to look at, I would say you should close the window if you’re gonna use it in the daytime!!


So close!!!

So close!!!

The coolest thing about the hotel?  The view.  Look at it!  You can see the Seto Inland Sea very well because, well, it’s so close that if you REALLY wanted to, you could probably jump in from your window.  I’m not even kidding!!  The view of the sea is wonderful!  I wouldn’t want to be here during a big storm, but on a nice day like the one we visited on, it’s great!  And, fortunately, due to the generous time allowance (see below), we  actually had time to enjoy the view rather than noticing it right before leaving or something like that.

So, time for the wrap-up!

Good  Can I say everything??  This place had it all!  A great view, good discounts, generous time allowance, working amenities (with an extra fridge), and member extras such as free food, costumes, and more.  Don’t make Hotel Sanyo your first hotel – it’ll make others pale in comparison!!

BadI guess the only thing I didn’t like was that we didn’t have an automatic check-out machine like some other places.  However, the front counter was not as creepy as the one at Rakuseki, so it’s not enough to warrant a truly bad point.

Price Sundays and weekdays are from 5PM – 3PM the next day (that’s REALLY long!!!  Like, 8-10 hours more than most places!!!) and will cost you 4,380 yen (3,980 if you are a member).   Saturdays and holidays are from 7PM – 3PM the next day and will cost you 5,480 yen (5,080 if you are a member).  Overtime is 480 yen for 30 minutes.

Location and other information
Address:広島県三原市糸崎町8-15-5 (Itozaki-cho 8-15-5, Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Phone number: 0848-68-1011

Well, that’s all for today!  I’m sure we’ll come back to Hotel Sanyo in the future, and when we do I can review their food or something else specific about them.  Until next time, OYASUMI!!!!!

Hi hi!!  It’s ○子!

Today’s review is about a hotel in Hyogo Prefecture called New Rakuseki.  If you go to Toyooka, there are two hotels called Rakuseki and they are across the street from each other.  There is the original Rakuseki and the New Rakuseki, which we went to.

From the start, we weren’t really all that happy with New Rakuseki.  This was the first time that I’ve seen a love hotel where we didn’t just go into the room.  Papa had to go to the front desk and get a key.  The people were behind a window so that no one could see each other’s face, but I think that was more creepy than anything!

After Papa got the key, he and Mama got everything out of the car and walked in.  But once we walked out of the garage and into the hotel, it was confusing!  There were no signs telling us where to go and Papa accidently walked into the staff room!  Ooops~~~  Privacy just keeps going down and down, doesn’t it?

The lies! Our room wasn't this cool!

When we got into the room, we thought it looked rather blah.  The website shows pretty cool rooms, and so does the catalogue inside of the room, but Mama said that it was nothing more than a Motel 6 with free porn and condoms.  I’ve never been to one, but I’ll take her word for it.

While Mama and Papa were settling down, I decided to take a look around for myself.  The room had your average service of some drink, but we also had a bag of snacks.  That was nice.  The fridge had some drinks, but nothing terribly interesting and no other food.  If we wanted food, we would have to order it.  The TV had video games and karaoke, but Papa liked that they had a slot machine game as well.  There wasn’t really anything special,  but then again, it didn’t look like there was enough room for anything cool.

The bed is big, but it's the whole room!

Mama says Papa isn't allowed in Vegas without a wallet babysitter


those snacks look good...









Not too impressed by the room, I decided to go look at what was important to me: the bathroom.  The shower was pretty big, but I heard Mama complaining later that the bath sponge they provided was way too rough for her to use.  The toilet had warmers and washers, but just your standard selection of options.  The bathtub was also an okay size, but after being at the Apollo before, I wasn’t too impressed.  It felt so normal.  But even those things wouldn’t have warranted a bad review.  Nothing special, but nothing to complain about.  That was, until Mama went to wash her face.



after 😦







Yup, the sink had a problem.  The faucet handle was broken.  Every time Mama or Papa used it, the handle came off!  Sheesh!  You would think they would fix at least that!  If they didn’t fix that, then I’m not too confident that they cleaned and sanitized the room properly, either 😦

Other than that, the night was uneventful and we all got some sleep.  When it was time to check out in the morning, we didn’t get to use a machine.  Papa had to go back to that strange window to pay for our stay.  I don’t think we’ll be coming back again.

So, let’s wrap this up!

Good – The snacks?  Really, nothing else really stuck out as good and definitely nothing was special.  Maybe if you REALLY like the slot games, then you would like that, but Mama said she’s been to a hotel where they have an actual slot MACHINE you can play.  That sounds a lot better.

Bad – A lot!  Not very private, no clear instructions on where the rooms are, cramped room, and a faucet that is broken.

Price – Here we go for overnight stays (second star down).  Weekdays allow you to stay from 11PM to 10AM and costs 6,000 yen.  Saturdays and special days (such as holidays or festival times) will cost you 8,000 yen.  Also, if you have more than two people in the room, each additional person will cost you 3,000 yen.  So, SHHHHH!  I wasn’t there!  If you stay later than check out, it’s 800 yen for every 30 minutes.

Location and other information –
Address:  兵庫県豊岡市下宮886 (Shimonomiya 886, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture)
Phone number:  0796-23-0662
Website: http://www.rakuseki.com/

Well, that’s all for today’s review!  Again, if you stay here, or any other love hotel, please let me know!  I’m always looking for guest bloggers and feedback on love hotels and my reviews.

Until next time, OYASUMI!

sweeeet dreams ❤


Hi hi!!  It’s ○子!

Today, I want to give a review of a love hotel we went to on our last road trip!  My mama’s friend is about to leave Japan, so she and Papa went to visit her before she left.  On the way, we stayed at a love hotel called Apollo in Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture.  Kyotango is pretty far from the main city of Kyoto, so it was like the middle of nowhere!  Papa had found information about Apollo, so we decided to go there.  I had to hide because you have to be 18 or older to go love hotels, so shhhhh!  I wasn’t there! 🙂

We had to wait for a room to open because some people were still using the “free time” hours.  I’ll explain about that in another post.  Anyway, we had seen that all the garages were full, so we were about to leave, but then Mama saw that an older lady was coming at the car, trying to talk to us.  She was telling us that if we wanted to stay that they would have a room ready for us in about an hour.  So, we went into the parking lot and waited.  She came back when she was about to clean the room to let us know we could now wait in the garage and get the car unloaded while we waited.  She was really nice!

Look at how big the TV is!

We got into the room and it was awesome!  It was a Japanese style room, so we had some tatami and some Japanese decor.  And look at this big TV!  You can play video games or do karaoke or watch movies on it!  The karaoke and games don’t cost extra, and Bubble Bobble is a lot of fun!!  And karaoke is good if you’re waiting for someone to take a shower or something.

So many fun buttons to press!

The room had a cool lighting system, too!  There were normal lights, but then there was this box.  It was like a radio, too.  But anyway, if you press the buttons and no other lights are on in the room, the room can change color!  Blue and purple and pink and green and everything!!  Faaaaancy~~  I wanted to play with it more, but Mama made me stop 😦  I don’t know why the humans get to have all the fun….  But, enough of the bedroom, let’s look in the bathroom!!!

Look!! I can swim all day!

The bath was HUGE!  Which is good, cuz I have to sleep in the bath.  But it was awesome!  It had a TV on the wall!  And it had bubbles and jet streams!  Papa took THREE baths in one night.  He really loves baths!  Two humans can fit quite well in here, and maybe about twenty otters!  Hee hee~~  The color was also pretty nice.  Made me feel like I was in a fancy place!

Look at all the options!

The toilet was also pretty cool.  Usually, the fancy Japanese toilets have a few settings, but look at this!!  So many buttons! Maybe the toilet is really a Transformer!! :O  There’s stuff like, “wash your butt softly,” “wash your butt strongly,” “feel the breeze go through your bum and make you a superhero,” and stuff that opens and closes the seat for you.  But, I was afraid to touch any buttons.  If I made the toilet explode, Mama would be REALLY mad at me… plus, I’m sure it’s not meant for otters…


Finally, what really impressed me was that there was room service available for food.  Mama says that in other hotels she’s gone to, you can get toys in room service.  I wonder what kind of toys you can get… but anyway, they got room service for breakfast.  Mama got gyuudon (beef rice bowl) and

What do I want to drink?

Papa got yakisoba (fried soba noodles).  And it was only about 500 yen for each dish!  That’s cheap!  You could also get drinks from the refrigerator if you wanted to.  They cost extra, but it’s a good option.  They had tea and sports drinks and soda and even some cup ramen if you wanted that!  Just push the button and it’s automatically added to your total.  Pretty cool!

How much do I pay??

The way you pay at Apollo is pretty private.  If we didn’t meet the kind old lady earlier, or ordered room service from her, we would’ve never seen any workers.  You can pay at this machine.  It gives you the total from your stay.  That includes room service, games, karaoke, and even the extra charges if you stay past the “overnight stay” time.  Put your money in the machine and go on your way!  Mama and Papa paid about 7100 yen for a night’s stay,  and two meals.  I had to eat goldfish 😦  I want gyuudon!!!

So, overall impression??

Good – really, I liked everything!  The lady was nice, the bath was huge, the bed was comfy, and it looked like the food Mama and Papa got was reeeeeally good!  Papa was also happy that the window opened out to where he could smoke without going outside.  It was pretty private, so it was easy for me to get in.  The fact that you can use the machine to pay is pretty nice, too!

Bad – I can’t think of anything that we weren’t happy about.  Everything was great.  If we’re ever in the area again, I’m sure Mama and Papa will go back.

Price – Here’s the price chart!

Fee Chart!

The part we worry about is in blue cuz that’s for staying overnight!  So I will explain that!  Staying overnight on weeknights can be done between 9PM and 11AM for 5000 yen.  On weekends and holidays, that changes to 10PM to 11AM and is 6000 yen.  If you stay over, you have to pay 600 yen for every 30 minutes.
Location and other information
Address:  京都府京丹後市久美浜町永留483 (Mito 483, Kumihama, Kyotango City, Kyoto)
Phone number:  0772-84-0316

That’s all for today’s review!  If you found this review helpful, please subscribe and show your friends!!  Also, if you go to Apollo, let me know if you like it, too!

Until later, chuuuuuuuu! ❤


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