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Review – Shiori Mystina (白いミスティーナ) in Miyoshi

Posted on: September 24, 2011

Hi hi!!  It’s ○子!

Sorry it’s been a while.  I haven’t been in a good mood lately and I always want to write when I’m chipper!

This time, I’m reviewing a hotel in the city of Miyoshi, Hiroshima Prefecture, called Shiroi Mystina.  The reviews on some love hotel websites gave it pretty good marks, so I went in with high expectations.  Now, don’t let the outside fool you!  It looks rather shady from the outside, huh?  I didn’t take a picture of it, but the place where you park your car looks like a trailer park at Christmas.  But, don’t judge a book by its cover, right?

  Now, how’s this for indoor decor?  It was really cute inside!!!  Cute signs about everything and cute mirror and floral decorations.  Even the lamp and telephone were old fashioned and classy.  Seriously, I felt like this was the love hotel for a lolita or something.  In fact, I really wish that they made lolita dresses for otters.  Don’t you think I would just fit in with a frilly frilly lace dress?  Maybe some Mary Janes and a bonnet?  …Well, even otters can dream, can’t we?

Cute table and chairs, too!

No part of this hotel went without some thought as to how to make it cute.  I was pretty worried that we were going into a trashy, shady place as we went into the parking lot, but I’m really glad that the inside totally changed that perspective.  The table made me feel like we were at the hotel for a tea party or something.  If you didn’t see the various interesting extras in the room, you probably would have thought you were in a bed and breakfast rather than at a love hotel.

Even the condoms were cute!

And I totally mean it when I say that everything was cute.  Even the condoms had little kitties on them.   Seriously, kitties!  I first thought that was kind of strange since, you know, it is something for adults, but then I remembered that there is no age limit on cute!!  I usually don’t post the pictures of the condoms, but I had to this time!  Just look at them!

The hotel also had a variety of teas (Papa didn’t really like the melon one) and some snacks (like cheese crackers!) so that was nice.  There was also free breakfast of soup and rice balls.  Another plus was that, like at Sanyo, you had a a fridge for the vending as well as a fridge for yourself!  A microwave as well.

The hotel had your typical things such as karaoke and dirty channels.  It also had cosplay you could order.  So, if you wanted to pretend you were a nurse or a student or something, they had that on order!  It’s a costume party in the hotel!  No otter costumes, however.  Tooooo bad.  But, they had Papa’s slot machine there, so he had fun playing that.  A nice little surprise was that, by the bed, there was a phone charger that was compatible with many phones.  Mama’s smart phone was able to charge on it, so she was happy.

About the only thing that didn’t seem great was the bathroom and the general size of the room.  There wasn’t a lot of room to move around and the bathroom was a cramped corridor that was difficult to maneuver with two people.  The showering area was also kinda small.  I think Hotel Sanyo spoiled us.  The bathtub was okay, but nothing really special.  Mama says she prefers ones where two people can sit in them cuz she wants to take a bath with Papa.  We haven’t seen many of those, though.  The sink at least had a place to plug in stuff, but the hair dryer was crap.  You could rent a better one if you wanted to, but we decided not to.  In the bathroom, there was a nice sign letting the girls know that if they happened to get their period and needed more supplies that the staff was nice and they shouldn’t hesitate to ask.  I thought that was nice.  But next to it was a sign about not flushing things that aren’t toilet paper down the drain.  The sign showed sunglasses and shoes and such.  Those aren’t usually things that I would think of to flush down a toilet!

Overall, it was a pretty nice place to stay and I think Mama and Papa agree.  If we’re in the area again, we’ll probably stop by unless there’s another hotel we want to review.  We would definitely recommend it to someone unless they want lots of room to run around in.

Wrap up!!

Good –  The decor!  I was really impressed by it.  I know many hotels have themed rooms and such, but I just loved how cute the whole thing was.  It was very detailed and not just stuck together without a thought.  The place was also clean and everything was in order.   The fact that they had phone chargers and an extra fridge was also quite nice.  Free breakfast doesn’t hurt, either!

Bad – Definitely gonna have to say the size and the bathroom.  As I said before, it’s pretty hard to maneuver two people in the corridor that poses as a bathroom.  Also, it was difficult for Papa to find a window to smoke out of because it was hard to tell where the main window was.  He ended up smoking in the bathroom!  I guess this part couldn’t be helped, but it did make it a little uncomfortable if more than one person needed to use that part of the room.

Price – Sunday through Thursday and holidays are from 6PM to 1PM the next day for 7500 yen (6500 if you’re a member).  Fridays are from 6PM to 10AM the next day for the same price.  Saturdays and the days before a holiday are from 6PM to 10AM the next day for 8500 yen (7500 if you’re a member).  If you stay later on a weekday, it’s 200 yen more per 10 minutes, 300 yen more on other days.  So, the price is a little higher than I think it should be, but still not too bad I suppose.

Location and Other Information-
Address:広島県三次市粟屋町1995 (1995 Awaya Machi, Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture)
Phone number: 0824-63-7187
Website: http://happyhotel.jp/detail/detail_top.jsp?id=780218

Well, that’s all for this time!  I hope it won’t  be so long before the next one, but it all depends on Mama and Papa.  If you have been to a love hotel and would like to guest blog, please let me know!  My email is raburabumaruko@gmail.com !

Okay, TTFN!  Oyasumi~~~~


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